gas tank leaks fuel where the valve meets the tank

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  1. j2thevvizo

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    I want to upgrade my fuel line with better tubes and a new filter. my kit is stock and all the gas leaked out of my tank through the area where i threaded in the on/off valve, how do i fix that? can I get a better valve? thanks for the help.

  2. motorpsycho

    motorpsycho Active Member

    did you install the gasket on the valve before you screwed it into the tank?
    you can use some teflon tape to help seal the threads, and make sure tha valve is tight where it screws into the tank.
  3. RedBaronX

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    Despite a gasket and despite teflon tape, I had a leak where the tank met the valve as well. I used this black goop called Gasket Maker, specifically this stuff:

    Permatex Form A Gasket

    I used enough on the inside of the coupling as well as a fair amount on the outside of the coupling and it's sealed up very nicely. You will have to drain the tank and clean everything well before you can start. I would let the sealant dry and cure a couple days before refilling the tank.
  4. unior

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    it seems you guys need more teflon on the threads...

    or pipe dope
  5. RedBaronX

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    it was shredding the teflon tape for me, and if I used more, it simply wouldn't fit. my fix with the gasket maker goop is working just fine.
  6. motorpsycho

    motorpsycho Active Member

    there are 2 reasons for teflon tape to shred like that.
    1. you wrapped it around the threads in the wrong direction.
    2. you did not get "real" teflon tape.
    there is some "teflon" tapes out there that are made from the same plastic that grocery store bags are made out of, and it is not real teflon tape.
    real teflon tape will not shred.
  7. RedBaronX

    RedBaronX Member

    well, I got yellow teflon tape, rated for gasoline. I tried it multiple times wrapped in both directions, and I could not get it to cooperate.

    I have used teflon tape in water plumbing applications with great success.
  8. j2thevvizo

    j2thevvizo New Member

    I did install the gasket but i have no teflon tape on there. thanks for the help everyone. thats the easy fix im lookin for. if the tape doest work ill get some goop.
  9. V 35

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    Pirate Cycle makes a nice petcock, much more ' industrial ' than the stocker.
    I got them on both my bikes. There is no screen, use an inline filter.