Gas tank leaks

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    I have a problem where my gas is leaking out of the tank when riding it. I believe that it is coming from the return line since it only happens while riding.

    It started happening when I was having trouble with the carburetor and I got the motor running at one point, but it would only run as top speed no matter how I set the screws on it. So one time it was running so fast that the kill switch wouldn't stop it. So I pulled the tubes out of the gas tank to make it stop and put them back in and put the bike away until I replaced the carburetor. Now it run just fine with the exception of the tank leaking where the tubes go into it.

    Does anyone know how to stop this leak or Does anyone know where I can get a replacement gas tank like this. It needs to be replaced anyway since the mounting hole ring on one side broke off and I use a piece of wire to hold it down.
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    Tank Vent

    I know that the tubes going into the rubber grommet should be a fairly tight fit but you may want to install a vent on the top side of the tank at its highest point. You can do it by putting a hole to accept a PCV Valve grommet like used on automobile vakve covers and install the pcv into it. Be sure to get a PCV Valve that has a check ball with no spring. The pressure build up will lift the ball and allow it to vent. Also make sure the grommet is the kind with the narrow cut so it seals the tank inside and out.
    Hope this helps

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    not the way these motors work.... only venting these do is to allow air IN so the tank does not collapse... any small engine shop will stock a new and correct grommet