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Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by Joe Gioielli, Aug 18, 2009.

  1. Joe Gioielli

    Joe Gioielli New Member

    Are the standard gas tanks that come on HT engines "gravity fed" or does the engine draw the fuel from the tank?

    I ask because one of the locations on my fram I may use would place the tank below the carb. Will this work?


    Joe "It's so hot here my tires melted" Gioielli

  2. fetor56

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    Standard HT engine is gravity fed so you'll need a diaphram carb if your going to locate the tank anywhere near carb level(or below)
    Do a Search Joe.
  3. Joe Gioielli

    Joe Gioielli New Member

    Thanks for the reply.

    I must apologize, but I was a bit offended by your "do a search" comment.

    I have been posting to forums for 20 years. I know how to do it. I simply couldn't find the answer. Perhaps I searched the wrong place or asked the wrong question.

    Thank you again.

  4. fetor56

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    The "do a search" comment was related to u searching HT engine configurations that have been successfually swapped-over to a diaphram carb......heaps of diaphram carb threads but very little on 2-stroke HT's with tank below(or anywhere near below) carb level.
    Walbro carb would be your best bet,NOT these:

    PS....PM Jerry(The Scooter Guy)....he's on this forum & he's messed around a great deal with diaphram carbs.
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  5. Joe Gioielli

    Joe Gioielli New Member

    Thanks for clearing that up. Again, I apologize.

    I think I am going with the rear mount. I'll post some picks when I get the beat together.
  6. you can mount the tank level or a few inches below the carb and it still will work.
  7. fetor56

    fetor56 Guest

    Have u tried this personally cabin & how did the engine behave(particularly with low fuel)?