Gas tank mounting to seatpost

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    Searched the forums for this but could not come to any answers.....

    I have a 66cc HT mounted in a schwinn searcher.....

    Does / Has anyone not installed the gas tank on the top frame tube and installed something that came off the seatpost above the rear tire, as the primary and only gastank?

    Besides my tank not fitting the larger tube frame, I thought it would make for a cleaner look to the bike as well?

    Are there any retail versions of this on the market, or would this be a custom built thing?

  2. s_beaudry

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    Let me say this.....

    Not really looking for a rack in the back, just something to hold a gastank
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    Check out the last post by wes
    He made a gas tank out of an aluminum beer keg
    heineken kegs have plastic in them but suposedly Becks is thicker all aluminum

    Both very drinkable beers by the way.....
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    I sued something like that and removed the flat cargo portion of the rack. I then mounted the bike onto the tube. It looked a little goofy but worked really well and I didn't have to worry about smelling like gas with a leaking fuel cap.
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