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    I'm looking for suggestions for an alternative gas tank. I don't care for the one that comes with the kits most people are using (small black teardrop). Does anyone have any other suggestions?
    Possibly something that can be mounted on a rear rack.
    I saw in the image gallery that someone has what looks like an oil can under their seat and I sent them a Pm but haven't heard back.
    Images would be helpful.

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  4. k - guess I'll toss mine in for something different.
    I couldn't stand the look of the tear drop tank. To me, it just ruined the entire look of the bike. So with a little creative ingenuity, I came up with this.

    lawn mower gas tank
    5.99 walmart beverage container w/ expandable top.
    7.99 for the pepcock valve.

    pic's pretty much say it all.

    Like I said, something different - but I can store all my tools and take my lunch to work with me without any problems:grin:

    some pics were in the build process. last pic is current.

    Curious to see what you wind up doing.

    Troy Fitz.

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    Very slick thinking on your part with hiding the lawnmower tank inside of that bag!

    Simple, creative, and if on a long ride, the ability of running two side by side tanks as well!
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    I like this alot and the plastic tube cover makes it look borg-like :lol:
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    Pirate Cycles sells the barrel type. If they are in stock. Expensive, $250 dollars. I forget who it is, but somebody on this site offered to make me one for around $150 dollars and it was constucted better. I'll see if I can find his e-mails in the trash.
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    Staton sells 3 nice auxillary tanks, you have to enter fuel tank in search to find them.
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    thank you:helmet:
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    I know that you mentioned a rear mount tank, but for just tank suggestions in general, I have one that is frame mount designed for Whizzers-- so it's bigger and it fits the frame better IMHO. eBay, $80 shipped. Check my profile pictures. If you are interested, they are on eBay listed as "Fat Gas Tank Will fit Whizzer"