Gas tank problem solved

Discussion in 'Rack Mounted Engines' started by recumbentbill, Dec 2, 2007.

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  1. gas tank.JPG
    Thanks to Augidog I now have my tank problem solved and it works great. Its a good thing that I had a donor weed eater sitting in the shop corner collectindust.Fromthe donor I got a vented gas cap that fits the Blitz gas tank like a champ.Other donor parts are the grommet and the screen fuel pickup.The tank is now the main tank[I removed the stock Tananka tank].If the Blitz tank were still my aux tank I would have continued the thread in wildin the streets but since It is the main tank I thought more fellow GEBE rack mounters might benefit from my Tank picture. I plan on making a plastic cover that will hide and secure the Blitz tank and eliminate the ugly bunge cords:grin:

  2. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    how cool that a total stranger has the nerve to criticize an MBc member's work...try again, wayfast', and let's get it right this time, eh?:

    'bill: ain't it nice to not have to worry after every 15 miles or so?
  3. Abeagle

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    I think the gas tank is a great mod. that does not cost much and gets the job, very good work Bill. We all don't have an unlimited budget, thanks for setting things straight Augi.
  4. fetor56

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    I'm planning on a 4-stroke for my next attempt and if i opt for the new rear mounted Dax 4-stroke i'll surely be putting my efforts into extending it's range....yours is a simple,cheap,and effective solution................mine???
  5. Esteban

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    It gets the job done. If we all wanted &&& could afford a " PURDY " bike, we would have bought " Whizzers !"
    " I love it when an ingenious plan comes together "
  6. Hive

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    Very ingenious. Never occurred to me to extend with platform and carry tank back there. Will give that one some thought.

    I have a few questions:

    A.) The angle iron, can it be replaced with some alum or steel straight stock to eliminate the edges and corners?

    B.) Are the supports attached to axle or frame?

    C.) The Tanaka engine is sitting with gas tank removed, judging from picture. Did you change the way it (engine) was mounted from the way it came from GEBE?

    Reason I ask is mine came with engine/tank upright, tank in rear, which I like. I know it can be installed either way, but curious ...
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  7. My Tank

    First things first. Thank yall [except for the first guy:confused:] for the very nice and supportive replies. I know it aint purdy but its sturdy, gets the job done and best of all it was low cost The rack can be built with flat stock,round stock etc. I just used the angle iron with holes in it for simplicity sake. The rack supports are bolted to the engine mount just above the axel.The gas rack bolts to the top of the engine mount just to the rear of the engine mount bolts. Its nice to ride 70 miles[my average ride] with out having to stop and fill up the Tiny Tanaka tank every now and then and still have plenty of gas left in the tank
    Thanks again guys Yall ROCK
    Bill in Millington TN
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    Looks like Tygon tubing there. That's THE stuff to use, in my opinion. Got mine at the local hobby store (lots of good fuel stuff like inline filters there, too).
  9. Hive

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    Thanks. I forgot about the GEBE engine mount rack. Makes more sense to do it your way.

    Now you have me thinking about the chrome tank I saw here for $99.

    Just when I figured I would leave the bike alone, I start fiddling in my mind and we all know what happens then ... maybe convert one of those MSR bottles?

    Appreciate the thread and the idea, now, to get my head on straight and find a used tank ...
  10. nsideus

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    Glad to see someone else has done this. I have placed my 11/2 gal gas can back there so many time thinking should I. Good work!
  11. Jim H

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    Didn't catch the criticism, just as glad I didn't; nice work Augie and Bill, that's my next mod for sure. This will free up my basket which is full of msr bottles...
  12. cheap/strong gas tank tie down

    Thanks for the belt suggestion. I took your idea and improvised with plastic from a 55 gal plastic drum that contained swimming pool chemicals. I use this plastic for all kinds of projects. Strong stuff it is. With the plastic strap the tank is very secure. With the previous hold down system[bunge cords] the gas tank bounced around like mad and eventually flipped up side down. motorized bike 001.jpg
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    My wife tells me the same thing. Aint pretty, but get the job done. Gonna follow the modification myself.
  14. Hive

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    Idea for Tank

    Why not use PVC?

    I believe one can make a filler opening and epoxy in place, perhaps even the top of older tank with cap or MSR bottle...

    Outside of that, PVC, it seems to me, is suitable material, will seal fine, you can customize it to your bike frame specs, like length, etc. easy to do and fasten to bike for quick removal as well, using some sort of "flip-locs."

    Am thinking of using PVC in combo with high-temp silicon, as small expansion chamber for short muffler for a T-3300.