Gas tank Sealing Yes or No

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  1. Daniel_62

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    Hello group, I have the 2.5 l tank, new, What is the popular recomendation?
    Kreem or Not?

    I have found the sealer at a bike shop for 26 bucks, Kinda pricey for me
    Just wondering if I'll have a rust issue down the road



  2. Al.Fisherman

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    If there is no rust in there now, and you keep mixed fuel in it, I doubt you will have a problem. What do you think tanks of yesterday year was made out of...not plastic.

    If you let the bike sit for over a couple of months, like in the winter, add stabilizer. Ethanol is bad, and gathers moisture. Also drain a jigger full out of the tank periodically. We do that before every flight Water in fuel tank, at altitude....not good.
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