Gas tank, thumb throttle, and 4 stroke tach

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  1. jared8783

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    Where would be a good place to get The largest gas tank possible.

    And a thumb throttle as well.

    Im also looking for a gauge style tachometer for my gxh50.

  2. ocscully

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    Thumb throttle alot of folks here seem to use a small brake lever for a trigger type of throttle also a search on e-bay turns up numerous choices that seem to come from the ATV market. boygofast has two different 1 gal./4 litre tanks a top mount tear drop|301:0|293:1|294:30 and a long under bar tank|301:0|293:1|294:30 If you want more capicity then you might want to look at various moped tanks. e-bay seems to be the place to find these either under moped gas tanks or in the vintage gas tank listings. Electronic tachs such as this are available thru several sources Northern Tool and McMaster Carr to name a couple.

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