Gas Tank Upgrade On Honda GX35

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by bobprobert, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. bobprobert

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    Hello long time listener first time caller :)

    I have a Honda GX35 mounted to a rear friction drive kit on a beach cruiser. I use this bike to commute to and from work every day 8 miles each way but the problem I have is the gas tank is too small to get me there and back so I end up stopping at a gas station every day to put in a quarters worth of gas to make sure I make it home. This is a big pain in my neck as you can imagine. How can I get a bigger gas tank to hook up to this engine?

  2. noisydad

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    Hmmm - I've found that I get almost 25 miles of range using the GX35's built-in tank, also on a friction (BMP) setup. That's with some variable terrain, too. There must be other variables - I usually cruise at around 20 mph. I wonder how other folks do for range. I do carry one of those metal camp fuel bottles when the trip looks like it will be close to the limit.
  3. bobprobert

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    I saw those metal fuel bottles but they have a weird connector on the top how do you get around this?
  4. noisydad

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    Mine doesn't have a weird connector - just a child-resistant cap.
    Fits (tightly) into a water bottle cage, too.
    I keep it empty when not in use and use a funnel to fill.
    It holds about the same amount as my built-in tank.
  5. lowracer

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    check out Statons website. He sells a larger fuel tank that can mount onto the BMP channel
  6. bobprobert

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    thanks guys