Gas Tank why not Tin??

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  1. NewOrleansFlyer

    NewOrleansFlyer New Member

    Seems like this would be a good choice for us guys with limited welding/brazing/soldering equipment. I'm just curious. If you're gonna paint it anyway???

  2. DougC

    DougC New Member

    If you mean "tinplate", then it's just really thin steel coated with tin.

    You could do it, but the end result would crush rather easily I'd think.
  3. SimpleSimon

    SimpleSimon Active Member

    I've found an excellent source for small sheets of good quality thin steel, suitable for cutting/folding for boxes/tanks/whatever.


    Used cookie sheets. I can get them here for $.50 each for the largest size. I've made two battery boxes, and one oval cross section small fuel tank from them. Welds nicely, stiff enough to hold a formed shape well and not easily crushed.
  4. NewOrleansFlyer

    NewOrleansFlyer New Member

    Reuse, repurpose...cookie sheets!

    I've been thinking about going to the mean transfer station and cutting a piece off the side of an oven or fridge. If I could find cookie sheets at Goodie's, or Aunt Sally's, that would make it even better. Thanks:grin5:
  5. Sgt. Howard

    Sgt. Howard Member

    Reduce, reuse, re-animate?

    Has anyone thought of using computer CPU tower covers? These things are clogging metal recyclers' bins by the ton. Lotta steel there once you burn off the paint.
    the Old Sgt.:idea:
  6. NewOrleansFlyer

    NewOrleansFlyer New Member

    Great suggestion! I am throwing out an old (and extremely in efficient window A/C unit...and noticed how much sheet metal was on it!