Gas Tank?

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  1. xlastshotx

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    I was thinking could one of these be used as a gas tank? They are 5l so that would be 1.32 gallons. Its pretty large but it is the rite shape, and all that would really have to be done is have a bung and gas cap welded to the top, a petcock on the bottom, and some small L brackets for mounting..

    It has a plastic lining on the inside, I put some fuel inside of it and let it sit for a couple hours and it doesn't seem melt it or effect the gas..

    What do you guys think?

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  2. pedalpower

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  3. dwsutton

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    Hmmm, might take 5 or 6 ... possibly more test tanks - i would be happy to help you drain the ones you are going to work on .......:cool:

  4. xlastshotx

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    lol I may not have been born when those came out, but I do have a 65 mustang, and my friend has one of those, lol.. How would my tank blow up?

    lol :p..
  5. wes

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    currently using one of these on my bike. the HIENEKEN keg holds 5 qt and about a cup but the metal is a bit thin and you have to be extra careful brazing on it.... use plenty of drywall mud around the braze area to keep it kool as you do the work. may i suggest a BECKS minikeg as the metal is thicker and doesn't have that plastic bit inside that will melt!!! w.
  6. wes

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    here's the shot of mine. it's nice to sit back on the minikeg. P8210024.JPG P8210025.JPG
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  7. CalgarysFool

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    I can see the potential for advertising slogans now: Heineken -- really gives you the gas!

  8. wes

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    mini keg

    i did it rite, gosh.

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    pretty cool, How does your bike feel when you have a full tank? heavy or not a big difference?
  10. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Gas only weighs about 6 lbs a gallon
    Water weighs about 8 lbs

    Many rack mount engines weigh a lot more than that
  11. xlastshotx

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    hmm, well it sounds like it will work.. What did you do about the plastic on the inside? I removed the pump and the other little pieces, but there still is the little round thing that held the pump in place and all the lining.
  12. wes

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    well it degraded within a week or so and the hot glue or whatever fixed it to the metal also was floating about and i just fished it out as it was small enough to get out through the bung then. Of course, had to toss a fuel filter but they're cheap. btw, i bought the harley vented bung and racheting cap, the vented bung as it is right hand thread. did cut out the bottom of the bung. i got vapor lock though, when the tank is full, but with another vent on the frame tank "it's all good", and i don't notice the extra weight at all. w.