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    Just want to see what you all think about maybe using this gas tank on a trike.:idea
    Well its 16" in length and 11" wide
    I forgot to say this lol.
    Glad you ask.Now for the price man its high 327.99
    But I still like it a lot who knows
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  2. bbb

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    like the big is it
  3. stude13

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    you might consider a harley sportster peanut tank $40-$180
  4. boogerballs

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    What does the trike look like? Most times tanks look best when then "match" the rest of the look, particularly the engine. That tank would probably look best on a big fat Harley. It might look pretty cool if you could somehow section out about three or four inches down the middle of that tank to make it narrower but keep the same basic shape.
  5. skjjoe

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    looks a little big to to me 11" wide might hurt your peddling.look on eBay for a used tank off a old 50cc bike. like an old Suzuki or Honda they are out there.
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