Gas Tank



Model :

Engine type :

Single cylinder, air-cooled, 2-stroke
Power * Rotary Speed

Rated Power :
2.5Kw / 5000r / min
Max Power :
3.5Kw / 6000r / min
Ignition Mode :

Fuel type : No. 90
Lubrication Oil : 10W40 / 10W30
Mixing Ration for Fuel and Oil : 16:1 for new sets (20:1 after running approx 500Km)
Spark Plug : Z4C 14MM
Fuel Consumption : 2.5L / 100Km
Clutch Type : Friction Plate / Dry
Speed Limitation : 38-40km/hour

This is the engine i am geting , how much does it cost to fill this tank up and how long can i go on a full tank of gas ?

when i get the motor the first time do i mix 10w30 oil with the gas ?
how big is the gas tank can i upgrade to a biger one ?
ignore the 10w30 part
these are 2stroke engines and require 2stroke oil
here is a link to calculate oil/gas ratio
if you search oil mix (at top of page under articles and beside FAQ)you will see what others are running

the gas tank is approx 1/2 gallon and you should get 50-75 miles out of a full tank

it would be best to buy a small gas can and mix your oil in it, then fill your tank from that