gas tank ?

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  1. azbill

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    can anyone tell me where to find a tank like this ?

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    Thanks OldPete. That's just what I was thinking about for my trike. Perfect.
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    custom chrome h-d aftermarket

    oil tanks for aftermarket fittings,custom chrome sells them ive used them for fuel just had to cut some rubber for spillage,they come in 1 gal to 3 gal its been a while but you can even get octagon style.:smile:
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    Can/will you post a link? :)
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    1.5 yrs ago !!!
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    so it should be 225 in 2011?
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    i've found little ones on old edgers ,and a big rectangular one i think will hold 1.5 gals on older machinery, so look around or try swap meets. i raid the machinery when they bring it to the yard to get rid of it, the trick is though to find tanks not banged up, out of 12 machines i found 2 with no dents
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    or, rusted out ! There is a way to pop out dents, BUT, I am not going to post it here because of the risk.