GAs tanks: glass fiber VS metal

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    Like so many other people , I like a lot about motorized bikes. The kits are affordable , fairly easy to put together , and just plane fun. And like everyone else, want to make mine match my personality, by ( and I hate to use this word, for chance of getting chastized ) customizing the build. The best way , or most notable way to change the look, is by the tank. Which is why i am posting this. I would like your thoughts on the subject. Molding a tank from fiberglass seems to be easier and allows more flexibility in design, also less expence , if you dont already have a MIG . Granted steel is steel and can take a beating, and you wouldnt have to seal the interior chamber to the same extent. Just want to hear from anyone who has a useful opinion, and why.

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    find a resin that's fuel resistant and a fiberglass tank will work great. the big thing you want to avoid is smashing it in a crash and spilling fuel on your hot engine
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    I am against steel tanks as they spark up on crashes and ignite fuel coming from tank/carb. Gas ignites at a temp a little over what your engine should be running at, I have a dr250 with a crappy petcock that drips gas onto the cylinder all the time. Vaporizes it instantly, no ignition tho:sweatdrop: So engine itself will not ignite spilled fuel. When building a fiberglass tank, the only hard part might be finding a resin that can withstand constant contact with solvent. People say resin will flake off inside unless it's the right type. Look at what this fine sir said