Fuel Mixture gas to oil ratio

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    I know this question has probably been asked alot before, and i wish i didnt have to debase myself as to ask it..but due to the misplacement of the instruction manual that had came with my HT 80cc motor, i am at a loss as to what the gas to oil ratio that would be used once the motor has been broken in......sooo....

    could anyone please tell me the gas to oil ratio's for the HT 80cc motor (for the post break in ratio and the break in ratio while your at it)?

    (and if your wondering, yes i have tried searching....twice actually...i got nothing....)

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    good sound information

    this seems to come from some good sound information

    why some wish to lean the heck out of there engines

    I just don't know

    ride that THING
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    Those numbers look sort of OK for break-in with conventional oil. When broken in, and unless you are racing or it's 118°F something there is no need to go oil richer than 32:1 with a good oil in a HT engine.
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    oil to petrol mix

    wouldn't go below 16:1 even if it means more plugs replaced
    i ran mine at 20:1 and had a big end failure and it looks like lack of oil is the fault, plugs are cheap engines cost more:annoyed:
    people from oil companys will tell you that you can run it down to 30:1 but when something goes wrong they dont have to pay for the damage or they change they opion and back pedal that they never said it
    they show you all the **** under the sun that they are right
    but i dont belive them i was running benol klotz oil and at 20:1
    from a friend that runs it in gocarts with no problems
    castrol 2t is what i'm running in the new engine at 16:1 and after its run in it will still be 16:1 as is my wife bike engine and my father inlaws

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    Everyone needs to run what they need to run. I'm not arguing.

    If you had a crank failure at 20:1, it wasn't the oil ratio. That's plenty of oil. I've run for hours and hours at 40:1 FULL THROTTLE. NO issues. I'm not telling everyone to run at 40:1, I'm just saying there is no magic ratio. 32:1 is perfectly fine with a with a good oil in a broken-in HT engine. I think I would know by now if this wasn't working out. I've run 20:1, and that may be fine for a racing engine, but it's simply overrich oil in a HT engine...spewing all kinds of oil. It's a waste, and it's not that great for the environment.
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    I agree 32:1 is ideal from day 1 and if you use Maxima 927 or any oil which is fortified by 10-20% castor, you will never have any worries and can even go up to 40 or 50:1

    Most of the engine failures are component failure or poor quality control. Roller wrist pin bearings seem to be a weakpoint with a cage that disintegrates. No amount of oil will prevent this, particularly in roller beairings that can shift/slide to one side and almost half off putting an unusual load on the the bearing the remains in contact with the wrist pin forces.
  8. If you will go to the Gru Bee website, you can download an assembly sheet like you lost. You want to mix 20:1 for the 1st gallon and 32:1 thereafter. Use ashless 2 cycle oil. If not it will whisker the plug. It is amazing how tiny the whisker is. You have a hard time seeing it. KW
  9. If you run 20:1 you ARE running lean It AIN'T GASOLINE. 32:1 is aricher and with quality oil, adequate ratio As a matter of fact I think the instructions caution against wide open because of that.
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    20 parts gas to one part oil would be richer than 32 parts gas to one part oil but just to confuse everyone, try to read this,without getting a headache. There was one part that had me scratching my head, he said something about needing more air when using more oil.....

    I myself use 2 oz of synthetic Amsoil per full tank and I always thought I was being nice to my motor.
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    I am waiting on my first 2 motors to come in...Powerking 70cc limited. I don't want to screw these up out of the box by the wrong mix!!! My question is are all these mix values US gallons, Canadian gallons or ????? POPS
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    When most here speak of ounces per gallon, they are speaking US volume terms, BUT most folks speak ratios. 20:1, 30:1 and units of measure are irrelevant. It's 30 parts fuel, 1 part oil by volume (30:1) for example. You can convert these to units of measure that are handy for you.
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    Thanks Pablo...Newbie ERROR:dunce:...POPS
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    oil mix 2 stroke

    hi guys
    i'm not having a go at you pablo
    i'm like pops i,m trying to find out the best for my engine as i had to beg my wife for the replacement engine as it was money is money that i could use for going on holidays lol
    i want a good oil for my engine that is available anywhere at the moment i using castrol 2t but adam from screaming emu,(www.screaming emu.com.au) he uses castrol tts which is sinthetic and he's done BIG K'S on his engine 10,000 km and replaced rings and piston and has now done 16,000km on the same engine
    so i don't mind spending money on the oil if its worth it
    after all it's the same as money it all goes up in smoke (haha)
    but if it save's the engine who cares about the cost
    please help with correct info on oils in australia if you can, as all help is taken on board
    as to stop the problem from happening again (how would i explane that i need the third engine- the big d will happen)
    thanks nickk
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  15. FWIW Since this is an oil thread I will throw something in that surprised me. After all these years I finally read the recommended fuel/oil ratio on a Hodaka gas tank---after it is now serving on a 4-cycle. 20:1 ! I never dreamed anyone oiled that heavily. I think everyone ran 32:1 with no oiling issues. They ran the **** out of those rat racers etc and I can't remember any failures. strange---Keith Williams
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    Nothing beats a hint of castor. Try a castor blended 2 stroke racing fuel available from a Kart shop or motorcycle shop.
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    does that Castor still burn with that sweet smell I remember from way back ?
    it's been 30 or 40 years -- but I still remember
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    castor oil smell goooooooooooooooooooooooood!!
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    wack that THING

    Hey Pablo
    I know that you sell other quality oils
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    and I run a 4-stroke Robin -- so I won't be able to get a sniff
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    I add castor to good oil too cause I love to smell that thang!!

    "wack that THING" I almost blew good beer all over the screen :dunce::jester::grin5: