gasahol resistant rubber

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6:21 PM
Sep 8, 2008
Bartlesville Ok
My Norton groupe has been griping about the gas cocks swelling shut due to ethanol in the fuel. I touched base with an old vendor friend in Tulsa. She reasoned that if they can put it through a fueling hose, there is something to stand up. By the time I got home she had emailed me that Nitrile will do ok. I have contacted Walridge Motors in Canada about having the seals made and selliing them. When the JB Weld let go and the float bowl on my Clinton carb fell off in my hand while I was trying to twist the needlevalve, I found my ring bowl gasket was 1/4" bigger diameter. Today was Helicoil day. FWIW
Keith(trackfodder) Williams :eek: