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Discussion in 'Dealer Reviews' started by 210061741, Nov 6, 2009.

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  1. 210061741

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    Ok heres the deal.
    I got a Grubee GT-2B from on exactlly August 3rd.
    I know that because i have paperwork from my incorrectly shipped order.
    I was supposed to get a StarFire GT-1 all Chrome and i got a Star Hawk GT-2B that was all black.
    Called them and they wanted me to ship it back, but i wanted to ride that thing plus didnt want to spend another $50 on shipping.

    So i kept it and they gave me only $10.00 Credit.

    At least it was somthing and i was happy to have the motor.

    But now things keep getting better.

    Yesterday my chain came off and broke through the bottom case only into the magneto area.
    Hasn't run right since.
    It seemed i ended up with an air leak.

    But seemingly i was wrong.

    The interesting thing is the chain was completly off the front sprocket.
    And it happened this morning on my way to work too.
    Chain off the front sprocket.

    Normally any other time it was off the rear sprocket and still on the front.

    So the light bulb came on and i had a thought.

    I have been hearing my needle rollers ticking latly for a wile.
    So i'm thinkind i don't have an air leak it's much woorse.
    I am led to believe a piece of the roller bearing cage came loose and momenterialy locked up my motor and caused my chain to go off.
    Even more so that i think about it i had to work the bike back and fourth to get things freed up.
    I thought it was just the chain jamming.

    So the morning i had the engine lock up again.

    Must have scored the cylinder and thats why it is running so ruff.
    Will not idle at all.
    Revs up at high at half clutch and then full clutch no power input from bike wheel she stalls right out.

    I'm positive this motor is shot.
    I'll pull the top end and take a look when i get home from work if i make it.

    Now heres the kicker. says on website 6 mo warrnty which would still put mine maybe under warranty.

    Now my paperwork says 90 days.
    Whats up with taht.

    Now i'm screwed cause Ive had it for 96 days.

    Go Figure.

    Any way it may be partially my fault.
    I have souped up the exhaust and removed the upper head gasket.

    What do you guys think.
    Think Gasbike will at least cut me a deal on a new engine.
    Or should i learn from my mistakes and buy from somewhere else.

  2. If they screw you on the warrenty, write it off and use a different dealer. Many here have good things to say about spookytooth.
  3. 210061741

    210061741 Guest

    I jumped the gun.
    Tore my engine down last night to each individual pc.
    Nothing mechanically wrong.

    I'm actually quite happy to see the motor insides in such good shape.
    Everything oil covered.
    The worst i found was the chrome on the cylinder was ****.
    Half the cyclinder still is crome the rest wore Flaked off.

    The cause of my disaster.

    The bearing seal behind the magneto magnet was stuck to the magnet.
    Thus not sealing the crankcase.
    Drawing in a ton of air after i broke the housing going into the magneto area where the chain runs.

    Other than that the 6202 bearings for the clutch and drive sprocket were beat into the casing with a hammer or somthing.
    Not properly pressed in.
    The faces have dents in them where they were hit.
    And no gasket between the cases.

    I will definatly buy another Grubee.

    From whichever vendor has the newest stuff.
    From what i've read around here with engine troubles i am impressed.

    If it werent for that seal and the hammering and the chrome this thing would be a GEM.
  4. 210061741

    210061741 Guest

    I have this motor running strong and back in action.
    I'ts like my wife.
    Sometimes very frustrating but sometimes she makes me so happy i wan't to cry.