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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Dn0rk, Apr 7, 2011.

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    So i bought new a new head gasket, during my replacement of studs and nuts. but it looks the same as the previous one. does the quality really vary that much between companies? I was also wondering if all the parts needed for a clutch roller were available at a hardware store or were i can find one online :confused:

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    plain alloy gasket. not much to it...what do you want, gold-plating? you replace it because its aluminium, soft, squishy, and once its been "squished"...well, it wont "squish" again :p "squish" = "good seal". cut one out of copper and then you simply heat it redhot and reuse it...(annealing)

    now, clutch...roller? a wha?

    chain tensioner roller, perhaps? when it comes to this, you need an imagination when at the hardware store :) every bikes different...
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    i think i would say chain tensioner if i meant that, but i guess ill break it down, its a wheel that mounts to the engine that allows the clutch cable to move easier....
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    ohhhh, that lil dooo dad...

    if you have a welder handy.... find a bike with the cheap pressed metal v-brakes. remove the arm that has the cable clamp on it. chop the clutch lever off. weld the v-brake arm on in its place.

    the extra length increases leverage, makes the clutch smoooooth... the cable clamp makes adjusting a breeze... and you can change the angle of the arm when you weld it on so the cable pulls in a straight line :D

    thge rollers just one more thing to go wrong :'(
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    thanks for the help, i appreciate the positive response, as opposed to some salty responses i have recieved from others on this forum.
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    no probs....

    love, bub