Gaskets for air leaks

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by dotcom, Aug 21, 2014.

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    In short, I noticed I have an air leak near the exhaust port / muffler area. I think because while I removed the gasket, the gasket ripped and I tried to use it again. So I went out an bought some gasket material from Napa auto parts. I bought the 1/16th thick rubber fiber kind but im wondering the difference if the thicker rubber fiber 1/16th kind is better or if the thinner 1/32 rubber fiber kind is better and/or what difference it makes if one is thicker for these 66/80cc engine kits. I figured the 1/16th would be better but I do not which is why I ask. I was also not sure if I should choose the cork kind that they sell or the paper kind. I instinctly guessed the rubber fiber kind from another post I read so I chose it but I figued I ask what do the experts say? Thanks in advance.

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    not all that critical - try anything & report back if it can take the heat involved there - if it fails, it won't break anything so try something else next time
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    simple answer...dont bother with a gasket on the exhaust at all...
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    I tried that for a while and it made a hell of a mess. sickbikeparts has an aluminum gasket that will never blow and seals up great for about $5.

    I tried a leather gasket on the exhaust for a while, it worked for about 60 miles before the leather had shrunk up to a point where it wasn't doing any sealing. if you've got any scrap leather laying around its a good temporary solution
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    (its not messy, i use a "random location" filing system! :wacko:)

    oh...yeah, if you can handle a streak of black goop over the cylinder, and black spots on everything else, dont bother with a gasket ;) tip...dont wear white shoes or pants :jester:

    teflon tape. file the flange flat, it will just warp again anyway, but file it flat... im now using teflon tape on everything, and im sold :) just tricky getting it to stay in position during assembly, but there is a teflon "string" that does stay where its told to! takes up to 250C ;) high temp RTV will do, i spose - but i like my teflon!

    thing i hate about most "stock" gaskets is they need to be port matched...