I got no problem with the Kings 80 cc that I bought except the gaskets. First it was the intake manifold gasket that turned to goo and so I got some gasket material and made a replacement and was back in buisness. now its the one between the jug and bottom end. IT blows oil out below the carb and doesn't idle as well as it should. I can see the gasket blown out so I gotta pull it down and make another. Well actually I ordered a complete set to use as templets but they haven't arived yet.I'll cut a new one and coat it with copper coat and replace it and be on the road again............ Man riding this thing is a blast . Almost every day someone stops me to ask about the thing and I stear them to the internet to shop for there own.I'm trying to save up enough cash to invest in kits to start a buisness because I could sell a bunch of them I'm sure. Well gotta go clean my rims .....Tom in WV
i agree that the gaskets are pretty crappy. i bought some rubber and cork gasket material today and am going to fab new intake and exhaust gaskets.

tom, what is this copper coat stuff? do i need it to make my gaskets work properly? (i didn't see anything like that when i purchased my gasket stuff)

Also, if anybody wants some of the rubber and cork gasket material, i'll gladly send you some (the sheet is 12"x36"- plenty for me to share!) just pm me with your address.

peace :D
copper coat

Hi, Copper coat is just as it says (copper coating) that comes in a spray can like paint and you just spray it on the gaskets and it coats them with copper to make them tuffer. Ask for it at the auto supply store. If you can't find any I'll send you some......Tom in WV
80cc gaskets

Man I've been waiting a long time for the gaskets to arive from Kings. If any body has a set of 80cc gaskets if you could trace them on a piece of notebook paper and send it to me I'd sure appreciate it a lot. Then I could cut all I'd ever need by transfering them onto the gasket material and cutting them out.......Tom in WV
I ordered a new exhaust gasket from thatsdax to use as a template and I traced it and used it. I got maybe 15 miles out of the new gasket. I got at least 20 miles on a gasket that is made of 4 layers of grey cotton's still on there... check the pic...

Well thats got to be the strangest thing I've seen all week. Old sock exaust gasket? I guess if it works what the hay. Tom in WV
Now its the gasket thats between the jug and the bottom end. It blew out and lets oil run down the back of the motor.I asked a few people for one and they said to cut my own. So I got the cardboard off the back of a note pad and dissasembled the engine and cut one to fit, sprayed it with copper coat and installed it along with a home made exaust gasket and I'm back in buisness.I did the exaust the same way cut it from cardboard from a note pad ,you know the gray kind, and sprayed it with copper coat and installed it . I rode the bike 25 miles pretty fast today and they both held so it was deamed a cure for the gasket problems. The bike idels good again and runs like a top. I am back in buisness and lovin' it.
Tom in WV PS I could still use some real gasket material if anyone has some to spare...... Thanks TRY
All you guys and gals with 80cc engines please do me the favor of tracing any gaskets you might have onto notebook paper and mail them to me.. I plan to replace all the gaskets with my own homemade ones this winter and its easy if you have a templet to work from . ..........Thanks in advance for all your help.....Tom in WV
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once blew the exaust gasket on the ride home one night found a box in the trash and cut out a new out and got home.......... once made a drunk buddy who forgot his shoes at the bar a pair of sandles out of card board and the red tie strap from a trash bag LOL
sock gasket? wha? :LOL:

meh, would work...sorta :)

i usually just do the old cardboard trick...if i even bother at all!