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    Let me start out with this: I rarely do this on ANY site I visit, but I am deeply compelled to do it now.
    I hope I don't earn any infractions by it.

    I just got done watching a 1 hour 45 minute grass roots documentary called GasLand. It was aired by HBO.
    If anyone here has cable or satellite TV and your provider has on demand service with HBO available, I implore you, I beseech you to watch this documentary. It is not a pay per view program, it is free to watch.
    It is the dark truth about Hydro Fracturing and natural gas drilling.
    I was only 15 minutes into the show and I was on the edge of my chair, sometimes yelling at it.
    I never yell at the TV.
    I know better, the people on the other side can't hear me.

    The Gulf catastrophe seems to be just another piece of the puzzle in big corporate's game.
    I know that the Gulf catastrophe has been going on for 2 months now.
    GasLand has been played for 30 years now, and is only getting faster and bigger with each day.
    I am withholding my stronger, more colorful opinions on it for fear of getting serious infractions against me.
    I feel that this is better posted in the Combustion Chamber, but as of yet, I do not have access to it.
    If a moderator or Tom agrees, please move it there.
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    Wish i had HBO. i saw a clip of a guy lighting his sink water on fire. thats insane. recomend watching all the related clips on youtube. very informative.
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    Thank you SimpleSimon for that trailer!
    Flammable toxic well water is only one small facet of the bigger problem.