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    I have a vintage Whizzer gas tank with Whizzer embossed on the sides. The rear top clamp has broken away from the tank. What is the best way to repair? Would a mig weld work, or is there a better way?

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    Hi I have found tig to work great...Bill
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    I agree.. Teg Is your only way to go,, Yet Ya'd want some talent doin it, as that Is some fairly thin gage steel... Not for the Novice
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    Thanks. Tig it is. I will probably have it done at a local auto body shop. The owner lives next door to me. It appears someone attempted to solder the bracket before.
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    Is there a fuel petcock that will work with vintage Whizzer? Thanks for any advice.
  6. Quenton Guenther

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    Call Memory Lane

    They have the shut off [$15.00].

    A few comments, The "H" motor used the smooth side tank. The "J" and up used the embossed tank. All motors equiped with the Carter carburetor used only the shut off, whereas the motors with the Tillotson carburetor used a glass bowl with the shut off.

    Have fun,

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    Thanks. I have the glass bowl, but not the shutoff. The tank I bought came with the bowl, and some rigged up shutoff that is broken. I was wondering if there is a commercial replacement shutoff available?
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    I double checked the bowl after seeing your photo. It does actually have the shutoff, and it works. I guess I will use it after all. Back in my Whizzer days, I didn't have the bowl. I had a Pacemaker at the time. Thanks for the info.