GC Honda GXH50 49.3 cc 1.10 up to 2.50 hp Four Cycle Drive Kit From Staton

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    I am pondering buying this kit, it has the motor I've wanted.

    has anyone had experience with this set up/kit?

    i figure it comes with everything I need as it is over $400 additional above the motor price

    I've been in contact with the guy from the site, as I'm confused what it comes with and if it comes with a rack to mount it on my bike.

    He said
    "If your asking about the tadpole trike, no the "rack" is not included. That's a outside drive kit."

    Does inside mean between the bike frame and outside on the rear?
    Could someone post pictures of an outside and inside drive kit?

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    I think inside/outside describes whether the drive sprocket is inside or outside of the gearing cover. I could be wrong though.
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    I'm not clear on the question but Staton makes his gear box with the drive on the right or left side, depending on how you want to mount it. My experience has been that the kits come with all required parts, unless I'm confused about your application.
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    yeah, i noticed that today, so i think i am clear with what that means :grin:
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    Inside drive means the drive sprocket coming out of the gearbox is on the same side as the engine. This setup makes mounting the kit a bit harder but should center the weight over your rear tire better. The outside drive means the output from the gearbox is on the opposite side of the engine. The gearbox is centered directly over the rear wheel and the engine hangs off the right side of the bike. Its said the outside drive is easier to mount to the bike and align, but you'd have to attach a saddlebag or something to the left side of the rack in order to even out the weight of the engine hanging off the right. Overall I like the staton kits, they may not be the nicest looking things out there but they're definitely tough as heck and other than the gearbox you can find all the other parts (including the engine) from just about anywhere. Personally I'd choose a more compact engine as the honda50 seems kind of large to be on the rack with the gearbox. Maybe go for the honda35 or the mitsubishi43 (2stroke) but whatever floats your boat dude :) Tell me how it turns out I really think staton could make some improvements as far as weight is concerned but other than that their rackmount systems rock.
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    Are you looking to mount on a two or three wheel machine? Big difference in mounting. Go to the gallery section on Staton's site and look at how others have mounted. Mine is on a full suspension mountain bike with a good deal of fabed mounting parts. Several of us are familiar with Staton's systems.

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    Make sure you get your questions answered and everything is understood before you make your purchase. I've had some difficulty with this vendor. Quick response when you are sending them money, but not so good for other correspondence.
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    two wheel mtb, a hardtail :cool:
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    You should get everything you need in the kit, David has always been good to talk to me and answer my questions. Have you looked at his gallery?
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    yea, i was confused as each set up in those pix if different. he requested i give him a call to discuss it. I will soon when i get my tax refund in my account
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    I sure would like to see Staton make a frame mount kit with the Nu Vinchi hub. There has to be a way.
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    would be nice
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    Wouldn't that be overkill??
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    Hey; i just got in the honda 50cc today like yours and am in the delima as you had here back in '08.
    what did you finally do on your build; hope you get this and please send me some threads where you may have posted the details.