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    g'day MotorBikes.com admin, and g'day to all here.
    I live on the south east coast of NSW Australia, in a small town called Mollymook. Originally born pretty much under the Sydney Harbour Bridge and grew up in the inner city and wharf area through the 60's till 2000. Couldn't stand the way Syadney was looking and feeling packed up and headed south.
    Great place to bring the girls up, clean air and sea. I started collecting old pushbikes from the local tip (junk yard to the american mates) and fixed em up, painted them and gave them to needy kids around the area who didnt have bikes. I was still riding and old 1960's post bike with 3 speed hub till just a month ago LOL. I have been toying with the idea of adding a whipper snipper (line trimmer) motor or a chainsaw motor to one of me bikes for a while and I am stoked that I came accross this site . Crikeys ! a flamin miracle !. SOO many great ideas. So I am looking forward to learning a heap of stuff from you lot.:D
    Great to meet yas
    And a chance to post pics of my first attempt at mayhem .:cool:


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    Welcome to MBc. Have you checked out the thread about chainsaws and weed whackers? There are some good examples of people mounting those kinds of motors.
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    Hey Sharkzz,

    I have travelled in an Around Ulladulla and MollyMook, so know the place a bit.
    Nice place for surfing and a bit of Golf...
    You're lucky to have made the break to such a nice area.

    As the police are well known for being active in Ulladulla,
    you'll want to take notice of the below link.


    You may be lucky, and have no issues with the police, but feel its wise to
    warn you before making an investment in time/motors that could end up
    costing you in fines.

    welcome anyway.
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    Hello Sharkzz. Welcome to MB.c Sounds like a nice place to live. Good luck on your build.