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    G'day all, I've currently got an older brother working on a 50cc Mountain bike, in beta stages, I'll be acquiring that when it is perfected (sweet!) but i will want to tweak it to get at least the equivalent of a 70 to 80cc, i couldnt care about the same torque range, although it would be nice:whistling: .... anyhow i want it to get to atleast 50 to 60 kmh, to you yanks thats roughly 40 to 50 mph.

    I'm looking at a 32 tooth Sproket, A CNS style carby with airfilter joint by a plumbers silicone tubing and clamps, i am also considering Exhaust modifications.

    Anyhow cutting to the chase, Tell me every mod which will allow me to get every last drop of power from the motor, Any mod, Big or small.

    EDIT: To yanks, 50 kmh is 31 mph and 60kmh is 37 mph
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    Hey Alex :p

    welcome mate
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    someTHING to shoot for


    that's someTHING to shoot for -- I guess ???

    on my MB down this large mountain with motor off -- 40 mph is a little hairy !!

    as I ride that THING
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    Welcome to motorised bikes.Where are you from?
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    hehe Alex lives about 5mins from my place ;)