G'day Andrew from Australia here

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  1. Andrew McDougall

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    Hey evryone, my name is Andrew I am from Launceston which is a city on the southern Australian Island called Tasmania.

    I have been mucking around with motored bikes on and off for a while now. I own a rotary formula, which is a v frame mountain bike with frront and rear suspension fitted with a korean built copy of a sachs motor. It is about 10 years old now I recon and still goes perfectly.. so dont listen to anyone who tells u the quality of the rotary engines is no good!

    Recently I just fitted a z box (chinese made) 70cc (66 really) to an old mountain bike of mine wasa going like a dream (even tho I was still running it in..) until moisture got in the magneto coil.. Oh well never again will I use chewing gum as a substitue for a proper silicone seal..

    Hmm anyway nice to have found this site and hear about all the interesting installations and thins ppl are doin.

    Any Tasmanian members i woudl love to hear from.

  2. darwin

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    Foreigners with accents ya gotta lovem. Isnt this an english only site? LOL welcome aussie.
  3. Aussie_Glenn

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    G'day Andrew,
    A little north of you, over the ditch but still in Oz:grin:


  4. fredie

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    gday mate . hows it going dudes