G'day from Adelaide, SA

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  1. Mr_R.I.DING

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    howdy peoples.

    longtime reader first time poster from adelaide SA.

    spent 15 years in and out of the bike trade but lately have been into the motorised bikes, mopeds etc etc.

    have plenty of contacts in the bike industry but have decided to go it alone as i have access to suppliers of niche market parts such as wide rims, inverted triple clamp suspension etc etc.

    more then happy for you guys to pick my brain when need too.


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    Welcome to MBc, Ding. We are happy to have you as a member, and I know that you will not regret joining. Please read all of the 'stickies' at the top of this and all of the forums. they contain valuable information and keys to the rules of the forums that you must follow. We have a great search functioon, and many MB gurus in the various forums you might address questions. Good Luck.