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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by DIYMark, Oct 29, 2008.

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    I came across this forum while trying to read everything possible on the net about the ZBOX 80cc engine. Turns out this is the best place for these discussions and I also learned that my kit thats in the mail is called a Happy time engine! WTF where did that name originate from? Who invented it lol

    Anyway, I reside 10Km out of Hobart and what made me get a HT was the ongoing thought of putting an engine on a mountain bike. I tried (well thought of) using a brush cutter engine and a worm gear box from a wiper motor but in the end it would be cheaper to buy and use a HT engine as it is.

    I guess thats enough from me for now :rolleyes:

    Oh and as my name suggests I am well equipped at home (mill, lathe, mig, etc) so I should get some decent mods done on my HT.

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    Welcome Mark,
    Looking forward to seeing some of your mods.

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    G'day & welcome to MBc.
    HT was coined by our former Admin & is still in use today...infact it seems to have become a universal expression on MB forums.
    Happy Time/Unhappy Time.......depends on your point of view at the time. :D :-x
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    Welcome, lots of Aussies here, you'll like it.
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    Welcome. Have a good spring and summer downunder!:grin:
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    welcome -- have fun here on site and as you

    ride that MB thing
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    Thanks for the warm welcome guys!
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    Welcome Mark !!
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    Welcome to our Forum.I seem to remember that Hobart is in Tasmania.Used to be a penal colony,I think.Discovered by the Dutch explorer Abal Tasman,sailing East he missed the southcoast entirely and came upon T.I've been to NSW&Queensland,but not to the South coast.Tasmania looks like a hilly windy place to me.There's lots of info to be found here,but takes digging though,the search engine is not the greatest.Quite a few Aussies too.The HT engine design allegedly originated in the UK and somehow resurfaced in China.Quality rather suspect &highly variable.Lots of rebuild info to be found&worthwhile heeding.