Gday From Australia - Brakes Question

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  1. Ratter

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    Gday from Australia.
    I have just started my first build and have a brakes question.
    It is pretty dumb, but does anyone run rear brakes on their bike?


  2. pbeggs

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    i do in the form of a sturmey archer 8 speed hub with drum brake it works very well
  3. gothicguy64

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    gidday from sydney

    ummm i have 2 bikes both run a front disk an rear vee ,but vee runs pads from cell bikes .(
    disk rotor is from gasman bikes( here in penrith .
    just remember to get a dual rim rear wheel if possible .

  4. will_start

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    Welcome Tom, I'm wondering if you'll check this.

    It took a year for your intro post, based on the join date... :idea:
    whats the saying, better late than never. :jester:
  5. Ratter

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    Thanks for the reply fellas.

    Im pretty green to this so not too sure what a rear V is. Brad, is there anywhere in Sydney to buy the gear? Double rear rim, I think I know what you are talking about, is there much of a benefit?

    I have painted the rims in red, so Im sure any rear brakes will rip the paint off, because Im going to run a disk on the front. Any other ideas for the rear brake so I dont rip the paint?

    Ill post up some pics to help answer any of my questions.

    1 year to post my first topic, geez I have been taking my time with this bike!:grin5:
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