G'day from Down Under..!


Apr 4, 2017
Hey there...:)

Been lurking around here for a while sucking up lots of good info, so I thought i'd better post and introduce myself. I bought an Ebay 66cc a few months back and fitted it to a low end Merida mountain bike that I had spare. It went well straight out of the box but that's no fun..! I gutted the stock exhaust, port matched, better carb, plug and lead; increased compression, disc brae adaptor, modified piston crown, raised exh port height, widened int/exh ports, and all the other usual mods that seem pretty standard on here.

A couple of barrels and heads later, I had a machine that would run consistently at 60km/h with a 42T sprocket.:cool: Although... I recently leaned it out too much so we're in pieces again fitting piston and head number 3..! Cheap thrills..!

I'll try and post a few photos if I can...



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