G'day from Oz

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    Hi girls and boys

    I've come here to glean as much info on powered bikes as I can for an ensuing bike conversion, and give some back when I'm a little further down the track myself.

    I'm about to have my license put on hold for six months due to Epilepsy, so me wanting to keep some semblance of freedom for surfing and flying RC aircraft, I've decided powering up my pushy with more than just my legs is the go.

    See ya round...


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    Welcome to the forum. I hope the motorized bike provides the transportation you need. You can motorize trikes too.
    A friend of mine had a stroke at a relatively young age (long before retirement) and could no longer drive a car.
    I think an etrike or gas trike would be very useful for him. It doesn't replace a car but it helps.
  3. trippergreenfeet

    trippergreenfeet New Member

    Cheers mate...

    I do have an electric trike available if I want, but it needs a new battery pack and that's about $600. The trike is a great bike but not really suitable for my overall needs.

    I have also looked at going with an E kit from RockSolid as I have a stack of Thunder Power 70C 6S 5000 lipos (good for 600 cycles at 1C charge rate), but when travel distance, terrain and trailer towing ability are taken into account, gas is the better option...another reason is I don't want to go with E power is I don't want to kill my lipos on a bike as they are for powering my large HV electric RC helis and planes.

    Top of my list so far is the RockSolid 50cc kit with the SickBikeParts Shift kit. To be legal I'd have to go with the 200W kit, basically just to get the compliance plate to stay legal in SA, and then do the unmentionable to get the 50cc back to full spec. The coppers round my parts recently cracked down on crew with non-compliant gasser kits, so having the compliance plate will give it face value, and if I be a good boy around town and leave the higher running speeds to the remote tracks/beaches all should be good.
    I will also use a Walbro carb as that's what I'm familiar with through use on gas planes (up to 200cc flat fours)...far superior IMHO than float carbs. And with a couple of basic Walbro mods, these can really make an engine rock.
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    Glad to have you here. Hope your medical issues get better.