G'day from OzWoody in Nth NSW and a sad story of police persicution

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    WOOHOO some place to call home :)
    gday members im a 54 yo bloke who has built a few motorised bikes for myself (one so good it was stolen from my garge LOL) these bike are fantastic low cost and low emmisions, and as handy as all get out, 6 months after building my second bike i caught endocartitis from a tooth removal wich destroyed my health and fitness levels to the point i had to stop three times to catch my breath on the way to buy milk and bread and not having a licence i was dependant on friends and family to do for me. (yes i had a powered bike but was hesitant to ride it being so sick) i eventually got brave enough to try triding it again and after a couple of trys succedded in remastering it :) Fantastic it gave me back my independance and freedon now i can jump on my bike and go where i want when i want sure i still have to takle it easy but the return of my independance and freedom from being housebound wqs a great psychologilal boost to me and i am getting on with life (ok not as befor but anew life)

    originally i built the bike to get to work after losing my licence and the third day i rode it to work i was charged with
    i) riding a motorcycle whilst disqualified
    2)riding an unregistered motorcycle
    3) riding a uninsured motorcycle
    4)failure to wear appropriate saftey equiptment as proscribed under the road laws act

    all these charges whilst the rta web site classed the motorised bicycle as excempt from all above

    long story short after 7 attendances to court $4000+ in legal fees the magistrate eventually rulled no charges to answer and threw the case out of court. BTW legal aid is NOT available to people charged with traffic offences, and court costs and legal fees will NOT be awarded against the police.

    All thanks to sen constable (im sure that spelling is inaccurate) Ferris a smart arsed hiway patrol in his HSV pursiut car that he has to sit on TWO pillows to see over the steering wheel, oh well at least it has stopped the harrassment by the local plods against the waves of powered cycles appearing in the streets no.

    ok thats enuff about me and my dramas lol

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    Hi Woody, welcome to Motoredbikes.
    Am praying for you health to improve.