G'day from Queensland Australia


Blue Max

Hi guys. My name is Cameron and I live in south east Queensland Australia in a place called Toowoomba, which is situated a top of the Great Dividing Range. So you can imagine there are some quite challenging mountain roads around.

I'm a 35 yo Aussie bloke and nearly everything I do is in metric, so bare with me if I blurt out something in mm. But since you guys have been sending quality machinery out here for all types of industry for the best part of the last century, I tend to swing either way.:-|

As you will see this is my 3rd post...oops. I was so eager to dive in and pick people's brains there was just no stopping me. This forum is just the ticket for us new guys to learn a thing or two and get some really helpful tips on building and safely riding these freedom machines.

Just took delivery of a 70cc Chinese frame motor this week for a 20" Merida Kalahari. Mounted most things on today, but I will say the rear sprocket tested me. Getting it true was a mission and my first launch will be a telling experience I'm sure. I've also gone a little experimental (perhaps prematurely) on the front mounting bracket, opting to use the water bottle cage mount. Which means I am basically tying the mount by just one 1/4" bolt. I've used rubber bushing where ever possible and it does feel firm. I'm not sure how much trouble I'd be in if the bolt sheered but I'll guess I'll find out this weekend. :)

Keep you posted.

Cheers Cameron H
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Welcome to MBc. I think I was able to drill out and use one of the water bottle holes for my front mount too.


Yup, On my first build I drilled and used a 1/4 x20 stailess steel through the oversized down tube and then spot welded the head on the underside, just to make sure there was no backing out unless I grind it first.
I would love to see the area around where you live.


on the rear sproket if it is a five bolt it is almost imposible to center and worth gettting a 9 bolt sprocket. my kit came with the 5 bolt and could never get it just right and kept breaking spokes. i replaced it with a 9 bolt and centers perfectly and no more broken spokes


Welcome Banana-benda. :p
If your interested Blue Max see my post about your single front engine mount.