G'day from SA!

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  1. EnFlaMEd

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    G'day everyone,

    My name is André and I am from South Australia. I am a bit of a car nut and unfortunately I lost my license recently. Due to my deep hatred of public transport and a need to keep motoring in order to stay sane I decided to look into MBs.

    I had one lined up (on hold) to buy from a local builder last weekend and had even organised tranport and a carrier but about an hour before I was leaving to pick it up the nice man decided to sell it to someone else and inform me via a txt message. Needless to say I was a little shocked at that display of customer service. So I have now decided to build my own.

    So far I have ordered:

    -Avanti Illusion hybrid bike
    -GT5 GEN 4 (bad boy) 80cc
    -SBP shift kit deluxe
    -shimano compatible 3x9 carbon grip shifts.

    I am praying this package is going to work and that I have enough ability to be able to put it all together! Cant be anyworse than working on a car right?
    With this package assembled I hope the 40km round trip for work will be a pleasureable experience rather than the nightmare I go through everyday catching a bus and then trying to scab lifts from the suburbs to my hills home where busses dont run.


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  2. Pablo

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    Good day mate!! I was thinking SA = South Africa and then South America, but the G'day gave you away. :devilish: :jester:

    Crappie way to get introduced to this fun world (no license and an idiot dealer out of the chute) but we will make it right. You'll see!

    I see your order in our que, sweet. Mucho thanks. I'm sending you an email about your order. If there is anything we can do to help you on the forum or offline, do not hesitate to ask.

    Have a good'n No worries.
  3. EnFlaMEd

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    Cheers Pablo. I thought a few people might have thought South Africa after reading the topic :p
  4. BoltsMissing

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    Welcome to MBc

    Once the bugs are sorted they go fine.

    At least you will know your machine and will want to build a second.

    Beware of the Jekyl & Hydes on our "sane" roads. Take nothing for granted cos there are some very useless drivers out there. I get 1 or 2 "issues" daily.
    Today it seemed was, "open car door and swerve to miss day".
    Yesterday was, "cut in front and turn left day",
    last week it was, "creep onto bike lanes day".

    Motor bike accident on Main North Rd at peak hour.

    It's crazy on 2 wheels here, peddle-bike, MB, scooter,right up to Harley riders included, all have had "issues" with stressed out inatentive cagers.

    Ride safely.

    All the Best
  5. EnFlaMEd

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    Thanks BoltsM!

    I used to drive into the CBD everyday so Ive seen how it gets from a drivers perspective. Ill admit that Ive probably done the wrong thing a couple of times myself without meaning to. Im not looking forward to Payneham Rd in rush hour thats for sure. Something should really be done along there to give riders more room.
  6. EnFlaMEd

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    I received my SBP shift kit yesterday so now I have everything I need to begin assembling my bike! Cheers SBP!
  7. ENO

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    Hey Enflamed..Another Aussie here..East Coast NSW..Love the way they knew you came from Oz by the Gday..Welcome to MBc..A few things I thought you should know...WHOA..80cc. Check out my last post in "MOTORBIKING LAWS AND LEGISLATIONS" under Australian Legislature.." But remember there a lot of 80cc bikes out there (me too) so you need to savvy up on the laws and limitations they may try to enforce. Youre going to enjoy MBc as there is a goldmine of info and help here especially if you do your own build..use the SEARCH (Google window) for the quickest results and you wont waste your time looking for help that is already out there in great detail.
    Also go to "Aussie Roll call" as we all drop in there to see how many of us there really are...Welcome and good luck..get some pics of the build as you go and post them in you album or on your comments (Thumbnail them through "Easy Thumbnails" free software)..See ya ..ENO.(Down Under)
  8. EnFlaMEd

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    Cheers for the link and advice ENO. Your thread made an interesting read. The 25kmph limit in SA thing posted by another user bothers me a little. I think I would have to be extremely unlucky to be caught out though. There seems to be a rapidly growing number of motorized bikes getting around here of late though maybe I am just noticing them more now. I dont think the whole capacity/power thing will be an issue unless cops devise a mini bike dyno :p As you said though it only takes one cop having a bad day to make mine bad as well.
  9. fetor56

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    G'day Andre & welcome to MBc.
    Keep us posted on your build as were always interested..........hasten slowly.
  10. AussieJester

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    G'day André Best of luck with the impending build..my brother and I built up a 49cc for him when he lost his license he has his license back now but still rides his bike to and from work most days he loves it...


    p.s I'm on the WestCoast...
  11. Simon_A

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    Geez we sure have a lot of Adelaidians here. Welcome mate :)
  12. EnFlaMEd

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    Hey again everyone. After a lot of frustration with getting stuck on little things that anyone with some bicycle knowledge probably would have avoided, I have finally completed my build!
    It goes to show that someone with absolutely no bicycle knowledge can build a motored bike with a SBP shift kit with a little help from the internet, bike shops and SBP.
    Today I took it for its first lenthy ride of about 15kms through some very hilly areas and it didnt miss a beat. The fresh engine doesnt rev very well at this stage and riding the bike with its 9 speeds is akin to driving a truck. Using the gearing and not much throttle it gets up hills and up to speed along the flats without too much hassle.
    At this stage the only minor problems I am having with it are that the carby leaks fuel all the time, the bottom bracket seems to come slightly loose all the time and the engine doesnt seem to rev much kind of like it runs smooth under certain conditions then misses at other times though Im not sure if this is just the way a 2 stroke is.

    Anyway here are some pics.


    Sadly I didnt get many pics of the build process as my camera was flat and I couldnt find the charger. It was a reasonably straight forward process although I did have to modify a lot of things and fabricate a front engine mount. My dremel rotary tool proved to be an invaluable aid in my build.

    Stupid things I got stuck on were

    -Bottom bracket. With no clue on bikes I had no idea of the difference between my hollowtech octalink cranks and the cup and axel type required for the build. This meant I went from my octalink, to a sealed bearing setup before I realised something was not right and emailed SBP who promptly informed me about needing a cup and axel setup.

    -Getting the 415 chain shortened. Neither bicycle shops nor motorbike shops wanted to deal with this chain. I ended up getting it the right length but broke my chain breaker in the process.

    -Fitting a cable to the 9spd grip shifter. For some reason I just couldnt get the ******* to go in. So I got i had it fitted at a bike shop who cut the cable too short. I then had to go back and have another fitted.

    -The cable that came with the clutch was too short and I fitted it incorrectly the first time around adding to the WTF? factor.

    -I initially couldnt get the bike to pedal smoothly but after some advice from SBP I modified the master link on the 415 chain and completely dissassembled and resassembled the shift kit and got it working nicely.

    Thats about it. Thanks to SBP for the speedy replies and to the SA bike shops that helped me out.
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  13. Stink Bike

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    We are fiitting a jack shaft kit to a bike soon.
    I'm having sleepless nights just thinking about it.

    get a life.
  14. HybriDude

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    Welcome to the forum Andre.

    I'm a commuter MABer, so I'm very interested in your package. I'm using an Avanti Pioneer, but I don't know how that compares with the Illusion. However, the Pioneer is perfect for my needs. Incidentally, last year I was riding 40 kms round trip to work in Hobart - few more hills than SA I suspect.

    Don't worry about your inexperience. When it's all working, you'll look back and say; "What was there to worry about?"
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  15. EnFlaMEd

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    Its exciting stuff :D Once I got started I pretty much spent every spare second I had until it was complete.

    I lived in worked in Hobart for a couple of months so I know what you mean! I was amazed at how hilly the CBD itself is. Riding to the summit of Mt Wellington would be a true challenge! Adelaide isnt too bad but I live at the top of a hill and the road up is about 3.2km long with no shoulders.
  16. HybriDude

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    The NSW RTA will be releasing discussion paper soon proposing increase in power-assistance to 250 watts.


    Keep your eye on the forum and weigh in when ready. I had an email from the RTA last week. They appear to have sidestepped the MAB community altogether, although they had previously given an undertaking to regard my interest as a stakeholder.