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    Im here in Chiang Rai North Thailand trying to knock my 47 yo body back into shape on a new Trek 4400. Riding motorcycles has been one of life's greatest passions, so once the fitness improves I intend to motorize the mtb.

    Light weight, reliability and endurance are my first criteria for the build, hence Im leaning toward a gebe / 4 stroke combo ... but with some reservations. I really like the look of the LF hub clamshell sprocket adapter ... seems like an elegant solution to me ... also the new "small" staton gearbox, but I'm yet to see any feedback on that unit.

    The motor is the easy bit, as there are literally hundreds of shops selling gx35 and robin /subaru /makita whipper snippers for around $250. Obtaining the rest of the parts may prove more of a challenge ...


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    welcome to the site
    there is a lot of great info here
    some of it is in different places so it may take a little digging to find it, but the folks here seem real nice and I'm sure someone could point you in the right direction if you have any questions.
    have fun on what ever you decide to build