Gday from Western Australia

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  1. dodgy lee

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    hey guys n gals

    Dodgy lee here from Albany Western Australia. Was scouring the net and came across this forum.

    Aswell as being mad into cars i also build ride and enjoy motorised bikes:tt1:

    i run a bike club here in town. "THE DEADBEAT COLLECTIVE" we hold a "bike night" every 2 weeks which s a good excuse to drink beer talk crap and have fun. Were all car guys but all own deadly motorised treadlies!!!. They are a little "illegal" over here so we do runs to the pub etc, never been caught probably never will:cool::cool:

    Heres one of my rockets, shes sorta my favourite, this is "lil miss deadbeat" AKA THE NUTCRACKER 3000. Yes that seats a ******* if you sit wrong

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  2. bobo333

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    that caddy in your dp looks familiar ;) i know you from the MDR facebook group ;)

    Post up some pics of your other rides!
  3. darwin

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    Gday to you too mate! Welcome and nice bike.