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    Hey im zwebx... im not new to the motorised bike theme as i already have a 4t on the side of the road bike (somtimes i wonder if thats the front forks flexing or bending) i have got a couple of videos about it i had to customise the mounts and whatnot to make it fit (its kind of a small frame) and my next challenge is maybe a cruiser or a offroad bike (to put on my malvern star) i have had 2 twostroke kits one of them lasting untill the clutch seized on me and the other lasting 10 minutes untill somthing scratched the bore (im still yet to find what did it) i think it could have hung up a ring
    how did i think of my username? i needed a short name for a domain so i came up with and i have stuck with it ever since, infact i reckon its a pretty good one

    how many k's are on my bike atm? approx 1,500km and at 30 kph thats no small feet... for about 3 months i rode her every day (60 km there and back) for $2.00 a day and thats cheaper than going on a train with a myki plus it looks good when you are going to a mechanics course...
    i get 30 km's per litre witch im not complaining about since i have slightly low gearing for some of the hills i have to go up but i cruze at 30 kph... the only thing i have broken on the bike is one clutch spring and i got a spare one for free from powercycles anyway :p suprisingly my clutch was in perfect condition even though i had to ride 3km home on it with one clutch pad trying to engage when i stoped

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    Hey welcome, looks like you have been on here before! Did you say a 4stroke on a road bike? That's keen I hope you have good roads where you live. I've never tested my fuel economy, 30km/l is not bad at all hey :cool2:
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    *tips hat*
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    How is your longitudinally mounted 4-stroke engine and right angled gearbox coming along?


    will your bike be reliable enough for a decent long haul ride?
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    It should be the reversed gearbox looks allright...
    i will pm you photo's soon but there is not too much to look at... i have the bottom bracket out and i am going to order one from sick bike parts unless i can get one closer to home.. the gearing should not be too bad hopefully i have a 44t on my freewheel and i am going to run my original sprockets of my bike (smaller ones than the bike that you saw... i will prolly get quite a few rides out of her till i sell her for a lambs approved motorbike