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    Hi .. I need to get one of these bikes to get to work. 5 k out of town. And I start at 3am. Lost my licence for being a google;(

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    3, 6, or a year? or :eek: more?

    i got my letter today :) more fool them, my big bikes out of action anyway :jester:

    and now the good behaviour is a YEAR....screw that. i aint losing it for 2 again!

    us aussies are getting far too complacent with this sort of BS... bet all those old diggers are glad to be gone now, the way things are going.
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    :iagree: We let ourselves get shafted by government authorities in Australia. Those old diggers would be turning in their graves if they could see what the government is doing to their country.
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    its a joke when you think one can only play two-up legally on one "special" day of the year.

    but, who really won? the countries that are crying broke, or the countries that are reknowned for making some of the best cars and gadgets for the last 40-50 years? ie, germany and japan... makes you wonder, makes you wonder...

    clive palmer...youll get my vote if, instead of making a replica titanic and a silly jurassic park (both utterly pointless), you invested that money into housing for the homeless, or maybe a "model city" from scratch that worked... transport, work, living...make something amazing, show us what should be done. progress, not more stupidity.

    anyway. im assuming the OP has sorted out a lift, grown legs, changed job, something along those lines, and simply wont return :)
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    A good percentage of city traffic problems could be fixed if we ignored red lights and do as they do in Asia: expressing courtesy to other drivers as everyone moves through an intersection without stopping, regardless of what the traffic light signal is showing.

    This concept was best explained to me by someone when over there (before i started riding on their road network) and he made a perfectly sensible statement: do you need traffic lights to make your way through a crowded shopping centre/mall? I said "no", upon which he then said, "so why do you need traffic lights to make your way through an intersection? Naturally i had no answer to such sensible logic, other than to agree with his point.

    Even in heavy traffic, i was constantly amazed at how well traffic moved (even though looking like chaos to the western observer) through intersections; with virtually no change in your speed, which (when you are in the action) is faster than you would think possible.
    Although (to the westerner) it's a bit unnerving at first, you soon get into the swing of things following locals travelling straight through red lights without stopping, whilst at the same time those who have the green light don't stop; making their way calmly to the other side of the intersection, without any of the death and carnage that western motor vehicle authorities constantly keep hammering down the public's throat, should they not follow the road rules.

    Having said that, it works only because people in general are courteous and respectful to everyone else, not just on the road but also in their daily lives.
    If Clive Palmer just supported moves to reform road rules, it would make life a heck of a lot more efficient for those dealing with the nightmare of city traffic.