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    Advice needed

    I m trying to remove the gear drive sprocket (engine)
    I have the tool the kit came with do i do this? screw in the first piece and hold it with a wrench ? then screw in the bolt? I tried this didnt work

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    screw the tool in ALL the way - hold it with a 22mm wrench - put a 14mm wrench on bolt thru center hole and tighten to push the center of the tool against the shaft that the sprocket sits on - sometimes it is tight and I align my wrenches to be able to grip them both in one hand and squeeze the handles together really hard
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    ok trying that now thanks!
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    I dont get it...i screwed on the gear puller and tightened the bolt doesnt do anything but strip the threads of the gear puller..i tried 2 gear pullers and both stripped..I should have the pin out correct? I need to sharpen the gear on the gear drive ..maybe i will grind it while its on the motor...the chain keeps locking up on the gear drive
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    k, quick lesson in terminology.

    a gear is a thing with teeth that meshes with another gear. usually reverses direction of rotation, unless its a VERY peculiar gear. (they do exist, mostly on youtube. try contrary gear, it really does your head in to see it!)

    a sprocket is a toothed thing that takes a chain and transfers drive to another sprocket, with no reversal of rotation.

    i guess you are trying to pull the SPROCKET.

    soooo... you didnt mention removing the NUT that holds it on? its big, 19mm hex, cant miss it!

    leaving it on is like attempting to go UP niagara falls in a barrel :wacko: impossible. and explains why it aint moving!

    i usually jam something between sprocket and case, often the chain itself, to undo the nut.

    then the puller will screw right in. at least four turns.

    the rod should just slide out so its probably best to pull it out first.

    worst scenario, apply some heat to the sprocket, concentrating the flame (youre using a blowtorch for fuel and boom booms!) around the outside, as you want to heat the sprocket up, not the shaft.

    it should just slide right off when the centre bolt of the puller is wound in. a sharp whack with a hammer may help when its all cranked up and tight, if its refusing to budge...

    then grind away ;)

    cus im crazy and like making things spin :wacko:...i slide the sprocket onto a piece of bar of suitable size...say, the extension bar from your ratchet set (that you DO own, dont you?) and very gently hold it against the grindwheel. it starts spinning. then incline sprocket so the grinder is sort of grinding across the teeth rather than rotating it. about 45 degrees or so is right. it has to be spinning to remain concentric, BUT, if it spins too fast,it will get out of control, you WILL get hurt! :willy_nilly: use your head! (not to stop it, i mean think a bit!)

    then a quick nipon each tooth to round them off rather than be nasty and square on the ends, general neatness, that sort of thing. look at the sprockets on a motorbike, they are sort of pointy on the ends to help the chain "roll" on...

    dont overgrind or you will need a new sprocket...
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    the last bit may be a bit hard to picture. tis the professional way of doing it but. holding the 22mm at 12 oclock, you want the 14mm to be at about 11 oclock... so when you squeeze (making sure fingers, skin or other body parts are NOT in between!) its just like squeezing the handles on a pair of sidecutters ;)
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    ok awesome thanks! i saved all of the info