Gear/pulley explanation


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Jun 2, 2022
I’m looking to get a better understanding of what the gear ration is, how to find the best ration for me, as well as understanding of what effect raiseijg and lowering the front/back gears would have, and the difference from a belt transmission to a chain to a double chain transmission. And the pros and cons to them… basicly I know nothing about the gears and I want to know it all more or less

Sidewinder Jerry

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Mar 14, 2011
Rockwood, TN
What gear ratio is: the engine is turning at a certain high rpm. At that rpm it can't produce enough torque to propel the bike. Thus, gear ratio reduces the amount of rpms the rear wheel will turn. With this reduction system the torque increases making it possible for the bike to be propelled forward.

As to what is the proper reduction for your bike depends on a few factors:

1) Total weight being moved (bike/rider).

2) Terrain gradients.

3) Terrain surface.

4) Engine horse power/torque, rpm rating.

5) Engine's drive system.

6) Bicycle components.

7) Bicycle structure and aerodynamics.

8) Amount of pedal assist you can provide.

Provide more information about yourself, where you plan to ride, the bike, and the engine then more specifics can be suggested for you.