Gear shift bike or not?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by racedriver52, Oct 24, 2010.

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    Hey its been a while since I last visited, but this time I am going to build a motor bike for sure. I was wondering if you have to use a bike that shifts or can you use a regular non shifting bike? I thought if you used one with out multiple gears that when the clutch is engaged that the pedals would spin. I built one of these with my grandfather and we used a multiple geared bike. Thanks for your help.:whistling:

  2. Doesnt matter, either will work. You can use a jackshifter with a bike that has multiple gears though.
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    But will one without multiple gears spin the pedals?
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    The pedals will spin only if the engine drives through a shift kit, then through the bicycle chain.

    Either style bicycle has rear freewheel, so pedals won't spin.:detective:
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    Just to be clear, the pedals don't "spin" with a shift kit because there is a front freewheel.