Gear up or down?

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    Im confusing myself with what gear I need for more top speed. On a bike with 26 inch tires, and whatever sprocket comes on the Chinese 2 stroke bike motor kits, what way should I go with on the back sprocket? Bigger or smaller? I always thought smaller in the front and bigger in the back, but then I saw a motorized bike with a 36 in the back and something smaller in the front, It did 63mph. Thanks, Matt

  2. Fabian

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    :rofl: :icon_bs:
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    Don't try to figure it out. Get a shiftkit then you can gear up or down.
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    I'm sorry, but telling someone not to try to figure something out is the most terrible advice I've ever heard. Gear ratio's can be confusing, but it aint rocket surgery, so most people can figure it out if it's explained to them. If I can understand gear ratios, anyone can. Here is the deal with gearing up or down. In the front, changing to a smaller sprocket is gearing down, which means less speed but more torque. A bigger sprocket in the front is gearing up, which means more speed but less torque. In the back, changing to a smaller sprocket means gearing up, more speed and less torque. A bigger sprocket in the rear is gearing down, which means less speed more torque. Without a shift kit, whatever speed you change to is the speed you're stuck at, so if you gear up for more speed, you're going to lose some hill climbing ability, just something to think about.
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    @ MattMcc - this is the best bit of advise you need to hear. Get yourself a SickBikeParts shift kit and you will not only have a much more usable motorized bicycle but also a bike that's so much more fun to ride !!!

    Just get yourself a SickBikeParts shift kit and be done with it !!!
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    He didn't even say he had a multispeed bike. So yeah, instead of explaining how gear ratios work and spreading some knowledge, lets just recommend a $200 shift kit that we dont even know if he can use it or not. Great thinking, guys.
  7. Fabian

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    Pointless exercise in motorizing a single speed bike, besides you can pick up a multis-peed bike for $50 at any second hand store.

    So, lets start the day again and get that shift kit installed.

    Problem solved !!! :smartas2s:
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    "But it ain't rocket surgery, er I mean,... brain science, or,... um" Sounds like too much butter in your bean.
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    I don't know whether to try to empathise with and self correct "Butterbean's analogy" about "rocket surgery" or to have a terrific laugh.
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    It was an intentional misquote. I know the difference between brain surgery and rocket science, but I always say rocket surgery.
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    Thank goodness it was an "intentional" misquote. Now i can laugh my a.r.s.e off without feeling guilty.
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    Come on guys, lets stick with the topic... most kits come with a 41 tooth rear sprocket, which on a 26" bike is a good compromise between hill pulling and top speed. A 48 tooth rear will give good pulling power with a corresponding loss of top-end speed. If you're loking for max top-speed, the 36 tooth is the hot ticket, but unless you're running the Bonneville salt flats, you'll get sick of the lack of low-end pulling power.
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    Basically exactly what Ialready said.
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    What was the question? Who's on first, What's on second, naturally.

    Sprocket Surgery!
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