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    Got the bike built...but can't get the screws off for the life of me. They are on there super tight. Since we couldn't get the screws off...we went to the next step in the build & got almost everything on the MB.

    Posted a question on how to get them off on another forum & was told to get an impact screwdriver. Will go that route if I need to...but would much rather not use a hammer & hardened screwdriver bit to get the screws off. Anyone have any other ways to get them off so I can grease the gears? Will I also be able to replace these with 10mm bolts to keep this from happening ever again?:detective:
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  2. Gearbox removal

    Hello, I have removed about 25-30 of these boxes, and I cannot get them off without using the Impact Screwdriver, commonly used on motorcycles. You set the handle for which direction, and smack it with a Hammer.

    Otherwise, good luck!

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    Was hoping there would be a less "impacted" way to do this.:grin5: What about replacing the screws with 10mm bolts for easier removal or will the next time be easier?

    Will do that after I get back from my holiday the week after next. Going to look for a job in another state & to get away from this 9th Circle some around here call home.
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    You got the right advice, so why would you rather not follow it?

    The impact screwdriver is spring loaded and the tips fit screws much better than most screwdrivers and the heft really helps
    I often use the impact as a regular screwdriver with no impact

    Are the screws philips or straight?

    Pushing a philips screwdriver hard into the fastener and rapping it sharply with a hammer will sometimes loosen a screw
    but if you strip the head out and it is in a recess you will regret not using an impact the first time
    The screws on the Chinese 2 strokes and geraboxes are low quality and soft so are easily damaged
    you really only get one shot at not screwing it up

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    Use an impact driver but u don't need to hit it EXCESSIVELY to get it to the driver on a firm surface & press down to see how much force gets the mechanism moving.
    If u want then replace existing screws with Allen head screws.
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    Thanks for all the replies about how to get these screws off & using Allen head screws to replace what's there.

    Will be getting the impact driver tomorrow...PAY DAY!!!
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    I'm sure that after they are removed the first time, they will not cement themselves in place again. I wouldn't worry about replacing them...they're about the only bolts in the kit I did not replace. My side cover comes off easily, but does not loosen, but I have the old 3 bolt.
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    That's great to hear. Ended up going to 1 of the big hardware stores & finding an Impact Driver Set for $22. Got it & will work on it Sunday afternoon.

    The only bad thing is I checked every website of these hardware/auto stores & none of them list anything like this being sold...except online for a big kit or twice as much as what I wanted to pay.
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    I agree...but not wanting to wait 2 weeks or so by going online the way I usually do (going on holiday next week in another state to look for another job & better life in a MUCH better climate).

    I live in a place I would compare to the outback...only with many more offenders & just plain idiots who evolution has passed by millions of years ago. We just got a Target (large discount store like Wal-mart...only not as crowded with screaming kids/adults playing with toys in the aisles) after 20 years of trying...not many places to get things many people out here have no idea what you're talking about or even what an MB is.
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    Got it done...

    Got the gearbox cover off earlier today. Was able to grease all 4 gears...making sure I wiped off all the grease I could from the clutch. Using the impact driver made it so much easier putting back together...since it fit the screws perfectly.

    Thanx again for all the help.
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    harbor freight has them for like 2.99
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    This will be an option in the near future.