Gearbox Vs No Gearbox



Hi, what are the pros and cons of having a gearbox to not having a gearbox?
And how do you operate a gearbox, through the throttle? How do you rev? And how do you change gears?

that's a pretty vague set of questions, 'person, what drive-train/engine are you discussing?

the new 4-stroke stuff is still a learning experience for us here.

one more thing, an "introduce yourself" will go a long ways towards getting the help you need ;)

one more thing again...your email address has me watching your account very closely.
I meant the 4 stroked engine.

I used to ride a 2nd hand 80cc 2 happy time engine, that i picked up a a flea market and no gearbox was used. It severed me well but it's getting old, and the parts are wearing out, now the marked is saturated with these 4 stroked engines with fancy gearboxes. I just want to know the pros and cons of these things, so I can decide weather it's time for an upgrade, or to stick to the status quo and purchase another happy time.

BTW, if were really a spammer i wouldn't go out of the way to advertise the fact that I am a spammer, so thus you may safely assume that I am not a spammer.
lol, sorry but i know better than to safely assume anything...

carry about that "introduction" then, eh?

you'll be able to help us figure out the new 4-stroke stuff if you stick around.