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  1. So I've been reading, all over, different threads about 4 stroke gearboxes, all of them. I have some Ideas for lube and reliability.
    I've torn the bike down for paint and bicycle reconditioning. I fitted a new kit on a used mtb so I fitted everything up and got it working first.
    I'll be taking a look at the "8" transmission to see if there is alignment issues and if gear lash is adjustable.

    Has anyone tried Chilton's Hyperlube in any of the 4 stroke transmissions? It's pretty amazing stuff and could lube possibly while still providing stiction enough for the clutch. But maybe a clutch conversion is in order; there is a brake and clutch recon/surfacing place locally.

    What about wet clutch friction mtrl for the clutch? It's not rediculously expensive if they can do it. I've had other stuff done by them. I might be able to get a small run made for experimentation.

    I think w/ a little work these transmissions could be made quite reliable, all of them.

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    The Grubee is reliable and works just fine with lithium grease. There is a new liquid lithium grease made for sealed transmissions that I tried last week. It too was good but messy and gets into the clutch so I won't be trying it anymore. Sticky lithium grease is quite simply the best and it works without any problems of leakage, messiness or clutch slippage. All this has been said so often that I'm surprised to see this thread reopening old graves.
    The Hoot gearbox isn't reliable and isn't worth using. It is actually incredibly expensive because it is such a piece of total chinese crud that the expense it will put you to would have made any Grubee gearbox a very cheap option. If you have a Hoot you will need private medical cover as well. I was looking at one the other day that disintegrated on day 2 of use. These Hoots should be deemed too dangerous to sell. No respectable vendor in Australia stocks them anymore and the ones that do are not respectable and offer no warranty when they break up before they've gone 30 miles.
    So the rule is this: If they're selling the Hoot they can only be disreputable snake oil merchants.
    Ipso Facto.
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    I know its an old subject but I am in the process right now of working with Don and red line oils to find the best solution I have a bunch of there products and will be posting a thread on here soon about my findings.

    here's a brief run down of what I will be using,

    10 WT Kart Clutch Oil

    Racing ATF

    Mini Cycle Clutch Oil

    All are red line Synthetic

    I will probably need so testers as I cant use them all myself and have an accurate fair non bias comparison. So I may be asking some people soon to do some testing for me, Feel free to get a hold of me and we can talk shop.

    Also I'm not to sure about Pablo and his AMS oil but he too might have some good leads on fluids.

    Also on a similar not we are working with Maxtorque for a new clutch possibly a 6 shoe wet type clutch specific for the grubee gear boxes especially for the new G4 but will work with the 2 and 3 GB's.
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    Good to hear you are working on it- if you get that new clutch, I'll be a customer.
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    That's good news Biketec. I'll try and find out the name of the liquid lithium grease I tried on the Mark2 Grubee GB. It worked well but was messy so I went back to stiff lithium grease which is OK in the Mark 2. It's a grease made for sealed parts like differentials etc. I got a cupfull from a local machinery shop and it could be good for a newer Grubee GB. It splashes around well and the GB didn't get hot like with gear oil & stop smoke mix. I'll get back with the name asap.