geared belt drive best?

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by JohnGrahamIV, Aug 2, 2009.

  1. JohnGrahamIV

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    is eagle's geared belt really the best?

  2. HoughMade

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    Sure they are. Just ask them.
  3. seanhan

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    Well I like mine ..

    There are many great options out there...
    What the intended use is going to be is a important factor.
    The GEBE does offer quality !!! all of it.....
    and ease of assebly..
    so does staton.
    what kind of riding do you plan on doing, any really big hills ??
    and last but not least is how much you want to spend !!!:cool2:
  4. JohnGrahamIV

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    well, i think it would be cool to power a mountain bike. I am looking to spend about a grand, but value is desirable.
  5. seanhan

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    The Japaneese

    engines are the best quality IMO ..
    Tanaka, Robin Subaru, Mitsu, Honda,
    Are the best quality you can get ..

    Drive systems IMO the best are GEBE, Staton
    Gebe is a Belt Drive
    Station has Friction Drive, and Chain Drive... Staton also sell's the NUVINCHI
    hub , it's a rear hub that is a CVT..
    both are American made ( except engine )

    They both offer 2 strokes or 4 strokes.

    I would say the Staton Friction drive is the easeyiest install, then the gebe, and then the Staton chain drive..

    also note that you really need to get a good quaily rear wheel with the above kits... If you use a cheap wheel you will prob. have to replace it in 6 months... save yourself the headace get a good wheel when you buy your kit.

    Good hunting !!!!
    Look on youtube they have videos of all these kits in action !!!!! and it's fun !!!
  6. seanhan

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    oh yea here is a pic of my bike..

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  7. Pirate88179

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    If you are talking friction drive, my vote is with the BMP (Bicycle Motor Parts) drive system. It is of very high quality materials (So is Staton) and the cost is very low. I shopped around for a long time before deciding. The installation took like 30 minutes or less and went very smoothly.

    The one main difference, beside being a whole lot less money then the Staton, is that you can easily swap drive rollers. BMP's design allows you to just remove one roller and swap in another larger or smaller diameter. I have read on this forum that with the Staton, you have have a press or go to a shop with a press to remove and install the new roller.

    Also, I am not sure if Staton offers one (they very well might) but the BMP one-way 1.250" drive roller is excellent. It instantly disengages when the throttle is backed off and you can coast with no friction and then, back on the throttle and it hooks right up again.

    I have heard nothing but good about Staton here, and elsewhere and I am not saying anything bad about them. But BMP was nice to deal with and was an excellent value in my opinion.

    (pics of my project are listed in the link below to my album) PS I have less than $400.00 in my completed bike including the cost of the new bike, drive system and engine. (and custom pin striping) It runs over 33 mph and I love it.

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  8. seanhan

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    Yea I saw the BMP kit, they look good the sell them less the engine.
    So you can use whatever engine will fit. Where GEBE and staton only offer there line of engines.. example you can't get a Tanaka with a Staton and you can't get a Honda with GEBE.
  9. seanhan

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  10. Zemus DE

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    Well any of the manufacturers you mentioned, I guarantee would sell you the mounting hardware to any engine using 78 mm clutch. So if you already have the engine you like just order the kit minus the engine. Just make sure with the manufacturer that your engine will match up with their design.
  11. loquin

    loquin Active Member

    They are less money than Staton. But, by the time you add a Honda or R/S motor, they're not that much less, Bill. (when I compared prices, BMP was about $75 less)

    If you already have the motor, then, that's another story.
  12. retgi

    retgi Member

    I've been waffling on which friction drive to get but have had my eye on the BMP drive system for a while now and since I read your great review I'm getting one. Saw your pictures as well and am curious about the 49cc knockoff from monster scooter parts. Is it fairly quiet/reliable? Otherwise I'm considering a mitsibushi or Robin Suburu. thanks,
  13. Pirate88179

    Pirate88179 Member


    I really love my BMP drive system. The Monsterscooterparts engine is great too. Very reliable thus far and very powerful. Not too quiet though. It is not as loud as it appears in my video but, it is not quiet either. The exhaust system is stock and I am sure one could modify it to make it a little quieter if needed. I like this engine because it was not expensive, (I could buy 3 of these for the price of the Honda) it has way more power than the Honda 35 and it really turns out the rpm's.

    I just swapped out my 1.25 drive roller for the 1" roller just to see the difference. The 1.25" roller has me going about 34 mph which is really a bit too fast for this bike. The entire swap out took me like 5 minutes. I may post another video when it quits raining here.

    I also like the idea of a 4-stroke engine and would like to get one sometime. I believe the Titan 50cc is the only 50cc that I am aware of that will bolt right onto the BMP drive.

    Let us know how you make out.

  14. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    I love my GEBE kit.... cant say enough good things about it. I think the belt drive is FAR superior to chain or friction drives. Easier to install/tension, much smoother, no excessive tire wear, no slippage. I love my GEBE kit... I dont even ride my felt cruiser anymore.

    Would be happy to answer any specific ???'s. Just PM me.
  15. TREEWK

    TREEWK Member

    My 2 Cents, If You Are Going With The "bmp" Kit (good Guy, Fast Service) I Would Use The Titan With His New 1 1/2" Composite Roller. I Have A 49cc Pocket Bike Motor On The Bmp With The 1 1/4" Roller, Starts Out With No Pedal Assist And Go`s 35 Mph With 180 Lb Rider. I Have 3 Titans And Love Them. I Have Some Golden Eagle Parts And Plan Building One. 49cc May Be To Much Power For The Belt System. I Would Check With Them. Ron
  16. retgi

    retgi Member

    I really would like to use a good 4 stroke like the Titan but it just looks physically so darn big compared to the Suburu or the 2 strokes! Do these work OK on friction drives?
  17. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    I use the eho35... great engine. Absolutely no complaints. Small, clean, reliable, good power, easy maintenance, starts every time.
  18. seanhan

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    The robin is Quality !!!
  19. retgi

    retgi Member

    I too like the robin and have seriously considered it but I'm not sure if it would carry my weight 185lbs at 25 mph. Can any comment on this?
  20. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    I weigh 210... the eho35 cruises very comfortably at about 23-24 mph... at full throttle I can get 28-29