Geared motorized bicycle... on the left side?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by ionia23, Jan 2, 2016.

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    Hello all,

    I've been riding about 8 months on a motorized bicycle. Great option for those without a driver's license who can't rely on public transportation.

    Regarding gearing, I'm already familiar with using jackshafts to enable gear shifting. I'm pretty sure the answer to this is a no/wouldn't work, but has a gearing system ever been designed for the left side of a bike?

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    I am no expert, but maybe a sturmey archer hubsmight be the way to go, because all gearing is done inside the hub and you dont have a derularer bobing up and down when you change gears.

    having said that, great care needs to be taken that somone does not go over 20 mph, and risk getting a ticket.
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    i think from the motor to a bike cassette on the left to the sprocket on the wheel
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    The problem is that bike components are made for the right side transmission. In particular, freewheels both for wheels and bottom brackets are designed to work on the right side. If you flop your freewheel to the other side it's going to drive you backwards. I'm with you, though. We have motors with driveshafts on the left. Sure the jack-shafting works but it would be nice to not need it.
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    Here's an idea. Sturmey-Archer and maybe others make hubs with reverse gear for use on tricycles and quadracycles. I wonder if they freewheel in reverse? Then you could flip the wheel and put it in reverse and you'ld have a left hand freewheeling sprocket (with 3 or more reverse gears:))