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    I've been thinking about a new project & had a few questions I'm hoping some of you gearing gurus can answer.
    I want to run a 98cc Lifan LF152F engine w/ 3.2" V-Belt pulley clutch & 15.2" Whizzer sheave on a 26" MTB wheel.
    Am I in the ballpark for gearing here?
    What estimate would top end be?
    How much pedalling to get it up to speed?I
    See Pics attached :idea:

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    Nevermind, I got it figured out.
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    Let's hear about it!:bowdown:

    Blog it out!:jester:
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    Max Torque (the maker of fine minibike clutches) & has a nice speed calculator excel sheet on their site & it seems that with what I want to do, the gearing could be a little tall (55.8 mph if it could pull it)
    It also says that custom pulley size can be made & a 2.5" might be the best for what I am trying to accomplish ~ 43.59 mph @ 3600 rpm.