Gears Busted Loose from Wheel... Plz Help



Ok... Now I have a serious problem. I have a frame mounted hua sheng skyhawk 2 setup on a schwinn skyliner. I finally got my engine running and everything working about the way I like it and today the bike starts falling apart. When I pedal, the chain does not engage the wheel anymore. It's like it freewheels in both directions. How can I fix this do you suppose? Will I need a new cassette or a new wheel maybe? ANy ideas how I could fix this problem? I wanted to get some advice here before I rip the rear wheel off my bike. Any ideas are greatly appreciated. Thanks! :)
It sure sounds like the freewheel is shot. I'm saying frewheel due to the price range of the bike. And actually in this type of repair it is much easier to remove and replace a freewheel than it is to remove and replace a cassette hub body. If fore some reason you feel like you have always wanted a heavier duty wheel. Now would be a good time to do that but either way you will still be needing a new freewheel.

Indeed... the freewheel it was. I replaced it and now I can pedal my bike again. The folks in my local bike shop didn't sell the removal tool I needed but had one in their tool set. They pulled off the old freewheel and slapped the one I bought right on there for no charge. Great service for sure. (Tony from Oro Valley bikes for any of you Tucson peeps) I also bought the removal tool for the freewheel they sold me. For less than $30 now I'm back on the road and have found a good resource for any bike repair needs I might have in the future. Good times... :cool: